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Premium Dog Boarding on Oahu

We offer a full range of dog boarding services. Our canine guests enjoy three different types of oversized kennel accommodations and a huge play yard! Each walk-in kennel opens directly onto its own, private 25-foot outdoor run, so your dog can relax inside or safely venture outdoors as he wishes.

Located on nearly two acres, everything about Tradewinds is generously sized for the comfort of our guests. We offer an array of amenities and a la carte services for our guests. These include:

  • • Pet Bathing
  • • Medications Administration (oral and topical)
  • • Daily Playtime in our Huge Yard! (No extra fee for play time!)
  • • Military & NRA Discounts*
  • • Air-conditioned Petite Suites for our smaller guests and
  • • NEW! Air-conditioned Aloha Suite with a private yard!

For the safety of all our guests, do not socialize them with other guests. Each has her own private playtime in the yard with our caregivers.

*Some restrictions apply. Call 696-4900 for details.

Download our Oah'u Dog Boarding Contract Here.
Alex and Nikko get to know one another. [Image of girl holding small white dog.]

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  • New Tool May Help Reduce the Anguish in Making a Final Decision

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    We have a relative who is facing that terrible decision we all know too well. The Jack Russell Terrier that has been their baby for about 15 years is failing. Some days are better, which is to say some days are not. They don’t want their dog to suffer, but they don’t want to give […]

  • Dropping Off & Picking Up Your Pet Just Got a Bit More Efficient!

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    Industrial-Strength Old-School Technology Makes Dropping Off and Picking Up a Bit More Efficient In our defense, we couldn’t hear you. You may have honked your horn. Or yelled. Or honked AND yelled. But sometimes we didn’t know you were parked at the security gate, waiting to drop off or pick up your pup. We can’t […]

  • Even Ugly Pups are Easy to Love, but Some Dogs Just Can’t Find a Home

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    Zsa Zsa, the 2018 winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest, who died just weeks after receiving her trophy, had found a loving home after being rescued from a puppy mill – proving again that beauty is in the eye (and heart) of the beholder. As September wraps up, we say goodbye to National Dog […]

  • Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

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    We were thinking about dogs, exercise and our spacious play yard here at Tradewinds Pet Suites when an old song came to mind: “Home on the Range” – where buffalo roam and deer and antelope play.  Actually, wrangling buffaloes is well above our comfort level, based in part on this video of paniolos on Kauai, […]

  • How do we say goodbye when it’s time for our dogs to leave us?

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    If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we recently lost one of our family members, Gabrielle, a beautiful German Shepherd who was part of our family since 2005. As Gabi faltered and we tried to come to grips with the inevitable in March and April, I learned of a veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn Naun, […]

  • Addy’s Ears

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    Even dogs with ears like mine have to worry about infections If you’ve read our blog before, you might remember me. My name is Addy. That’s a picture of me on my human dad’s coffee cup. (His favorite coffee cup.) My people used to have springer spaniels. Those are dogs that have long, hanging-down ears, […]

  • What Cupid Doesn’t Know About Your Dog’s Beating Heart

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    Happy Valentine’s Day! Cupid knows love. He was, after all, the ancient Roman god of love, and today he flits around with that little bow and arrow, urging people to buy boxes of chocolate, utter sweet verses and create exotic, experimental dinners from scratch. Oh boy. Now, we’re strong advocates of love, and we always […]

  • In Case We Needed Visual Evidence: Lifesaving Dogs, Part 2

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    If a picture is worth a thousand words, your dog-boarding friends at Tradewinds have a heart-warming and motivating video for you. In a recent blog, we shared a story about research – how owning a dog can reduce the risk of death. We called it “A Dog Could Be Just What the Doctor Ordered.” Good […]

  • A Dog Could Be Just What the Heart Doctor Ordered

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    You’ve kicked off your shoes, piled into a comfy chair and you’re thinking about closing your eyes for a minute or two. But just as your eyelids start to sag, who shows up? Whose sad eyes are staring at you? Who wants to go for a walk? Now?!! Yip. As you gather the energy to […]

  • Plaster & Stone: A Military Christmas Poem

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    Too many forget that there is a cost for freedom which is often paid for by lives. Plaster and Stone I had come down the chimney with presents to give, And to see just who in this home did live. I looked all about, A strange sight I did see, No tinsel, no presents, not even a […]



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