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I am so last minute with my bookings all the time, and Sandy and her team CONTINUE to find ways to accommodate Koa and me. I cannot speak highly enough of their facilities, their professionals, and most importantly the amount of caring they have for animals. I cannot even count how many times I have used Tradewinds and I will always go back to them for all my boarding needs. Even if you’re in Hawaii Kai, the drive is worth the doggie experience. Thank you for everything that you do and everything that you are Tradewinds.

September 24, 2018

We just can’t say enough good things about Sandy, Alex, and everybody at Tradewinds. For many years, they’ve been the only place we’ve boarded our dogs. But recently they’ve gone above and beyond. Daisy and Boogu are both older/elderly dogs now, with significant health issues. Under the circumstances, we could not have entrusted them to anybody else. But Sandy and Alex have provided extraordinary care, treating our dogs like their own, getting us all through a tough situation–and, along they way, they have given our doggies a terrific vacation filled with fun and love. These folks are our family now, our ohana. We hope they know how much we appreciate them and everything they do.

Jay H.
September 6, 2018

Tradewinds is phenomenal and we will definitely use them again! Glad to have a company we can trust to give our dogs the love they deserve while we are away!

Wade J.
May 1, 2018

I have been using Tradewinds Pet Suites for years! My dogs—past and present—love Sandy and crew. I was very hesitant at first after a bad experience with a different boarding facility, however, my vet recommended Tradewinds. After meeting Sandy and touring the pet hotel, I gave it a try and Baby Girl, Ted E. Bear, and Sarah loved it! They had a great staycation. We have used Tradewinds many times and highly recommend it to anyone who has a need for boarding. Ted and Sarah are looking forward to their summer staycation.

Barbara S.
April 19, 2018

We love this place! It is spacious and beautifully maintained. Our furbaby loved it. We took our furbaby here when we left for the mainland to see family and felt very comfortable with Sandy and the crew watching him while we were away. They posted videos on Facebook of our furbaby so we could see how he was doing. It hit Christmas morning and we really started missing him but we knew we could check Facebook and see how he was doing later in the day (time difference). I will most definitely be bringing our furbaby here for any future trips we have planned.

Thank you for taking such great care of our baby—and we love the calendar!

Brandy M.
April 18, 2018

I have been frequenting Tradewinds kennels for the past year and have been continually impressed by the professionalism of the staff. I work a job that tends to either send me out short notice and/or for long periods, which can add stress as a pet owner, however, I’ve been able to count on Tradewinds to have availability for Rocky. Finally, the posting of videos and pictures can help with the stress of being away and getting to see him having fun and enjoying his day.

Andrew M.
March 28, 2018

Lexie and Rothko totally enjoyed themselves. I loved seeing them almost every day on Facebook. I wouldn’t be able to travel if my dogs were unhappy with their accommodations! They came home totally relaxed. Tradewinds, we will be back!

Jackie R.
February, 2018

Tradewinds has been like a second home for my dog, Lucy. It’s never a stressful time for her. She knows when she’s going to visit Aunt Sandy and Aunt Alex. In the year I’ve had her, I’ve had to spend a considerable amount of time away from home, but I always know that she’s well taken care of when I leave her at Tradewinds. I live in Kailua so getting to Wainae is a trek but it’s well worth the drive for the peace of mind that’s afforded to me every time I take her there.* 

I would recommend Tradewinds Pet Suites to anyone who is considering a place to board your dog! Your fur baby will be treated like family!

Brian M.
January 18, 2018

*Tradewinds now offers a free pet shuttle for guests staying a week or more!—Sandy & Alex

Words simply cannot describe the loving care that my corgis, Lucy and Lily, receive from Sandy, Alex, and all of the staff at Tradewinds Pet Suites in Waianae. Daily playtime is a must for corgis—and all pets, let’s be honest!—and the ENORMOUS play yard is an absolute delight!! Not only do the dogs get to run around on a daily basis, but the staff posts videos and/or pictures of your pet on Facebook three to four times a week, and sometimes daily. All of us know how wonderful it is to see a picture or video of your pet when you are far away.

I appreciate that this kennel requires numerous vaccinations (and that they must be updated each year) as well as the fact that they require your pet to be checked for giardiasis and other intestinal parasites which are easily transferred when pets are sharing a play yard. But what I truly appreciate is the love that is showered on my girls when they stay at Tradewinds Pet Suites. Thanks for providing such a loving environment for all of the dogs that are lucky enough to spend time with you!

Connie H.
January 4, 2018

We booked for our two big dogs last Christmas and already have our reservation in place for this year.  The staff is wonderful and the dogs have a huge yard area for exercise and play.  The sleeping areas are clean and shaded. We will continue to use Tradewinds Pet Suites for all our dog boarding needs.

James M.
Nov. 7, 2017

This was our first time to board our dog. We like to travel and I’m glad we picked Tradewinds. They were so awesome with our dog and he had so much fun! They have lots of room for him to run around and play and the kennels are nice and kept clean. They have outdoor kennels with individual runways and indoor kennels with AC—that’s a plus for our English bulldog, Packer. The staff is nice and friendly while we were on our trip. I was able to go on Facebook and see how he was doing which was a plus. I recommend Tradewinds. If you need to board your pets, they will love it.

Marlisa A.
Nov. 2, 2017

Moving to Honolulu has been a rough transition with work and having a dog. Sandy and her staff have been beyond helpful with getting Miss Layla taken care of. They have been extremely flexible with my changing schedule. Great place, great people.

Nicholas L.
June 25, 2017

Simply the best place to board your dogs. Our lab had broken open one of his calluses on his foot, and Sandy called us right away. Sent pictures of the injury, applied and anti-biotic and a wrap, and he was good to go with play time! Thanks so much for loving our babies as much as we do. Makes traveling less stressful.

Nomie B.
June 19, 2017

We have been boarding our dog Sparky at Tradewinds for over two years. He likes it there because upon dropping him off for his second stay he immediately started running around and playing in the “mango tree play yard” and he knew where the kennel was. I KNOW he is well cared for while he is there. It helps when we are away to know he is not lonely but loved!

Mahalo Tradewinds!

Mary A.
April 18, 2017

Been using Tradewinds Pet Suites for years and we don’t plan on stopping! We brought our two dogs (who aren’t too dog-friendly with others) here twice last year and are expecting to use them again soon! It is the only place that we can trust whether we are traveling outer island or out of country. The people here are keen to our special requests for our animals and definitely try to accommodate as best they can. The best part is seeing pictures and videos of our loves on Facebook (which is also the worst because we obsess over those pictures until new ones are posted! Haha!) while we are gone. Definitely gives us peace of mind while away.

Even recommended them to a friend who took advantage during a busy weekend of weddings—and that was the first time she’s left her pets anywhere. She had a complete sense of comfort knowing that her dogs were left in good hands. She can tell that even her dogs were happy over there!

All in all, I trust the people at Tradewinds Pet Suites more with my fur babies than I do with other family or friends. I know that our babies are in good hands always and, although they are far from home, it’s the most comfort that we can offer them in a time of anxiety. Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you all again!

Alma M.
March 27, 2017

This place is the best on the island when it comes to your pet being loved and taken care of as much as you do. The Aunties there are like surrogate parents.

Steve M.
March 8, 2017

We are so thankful and happy to have had the opportunity for Bruno and Mello to stay and play unencumbered and fully loved at Tradewinds.

Tradewinds is a peace of mind when traveling. Never worried about our “children” and was able to have a wonderful time. They were so sweet and thoughtful to post Facebook pictures and send emails about how well our dogs were doing at Tradewinds. The place is very clean and the play yard is awesome! The staff truly loves the guests and are very knowledgeable.

109% recommend this place for anyone who wants a nice place for their dogs!!

Thanks so much to all of the staff!

Nomie B.
February 13, 2017

I boarded my five huskies at Aunty Sandy’s for a week when I went to training. She and her staff posted pictures daily of them running and playing in the yard. I loved that!! Her runs are large and very well maintained!! She treated my pups like family and spoiled them like I do!! They didn’t want to come home. Lol. I wouldn’t board anywhere else.

Bethany E.
February 10, 2017

We are SO HAPPY to have found Tradewinds a few years ago and have used them exclusively ever since!

We have a rescue dog and he can be inconsistent in his interactions with both people and other dogs, so it was a pleasant surprise to know that as a policy, Tradewinds does not mix the animals at sleep or at play. They allow each of the dogs one-on-one playtime in their large yard, and the “pet suites” where Oz resides—we reserves the “Queen Suite”—is the most comfortable a pet owner can ask for. For the same price, we could only get a 4’×4’ crate at our veterinarian and two “walks” on the sidewalk grass area fronting the street. This is a much better option! Thank you Sandy, Alex, and Tradewinds!

Roschelle S.
January 30, 2017

This team is fantastic. I don’t like to board Koa, because I suffer from separation anxiety, but Tradewinds is the only kennel I would trust—thank you for your love and passion for dogs!

T.J. S.
Jan. 13, 2017

Words cannot describe how much love and appreciation we have for Sandy, Angie, and staff. I am so happy we were referred to Tradewinds! The kennels and maintenance of the facility are immaculate. We will definitely use Tradewinds again. The Facebook idea is wonderful!! The assurance that your “babies” are happy, healthy, and safe is given. Mahalo Aunty Sandy and Aunty Angie for everything!!! We love you!!!!

Mocha, MJ, Cruiser, Cocoa, Meredith & Tony.
Dec. 15, 2016

Tradewinds Pet Suite is by far the GREATEST home away from home that I have ever taken my dogs too! I have owned dogs for over thirty years and have had to put them in kennels because of trips, etc. I have never experienced the care and love that my boys had while staying at Tradewinds for a month. Not only were they living in a nice, clean, spacious kennel, they were able to play in the big cool green grass yard!

We were able to see them by Facebook videos and pictures. They were happy, healthy and loved! When we picked them up they smelled clean including their fresh laundered bed. All of their belongings were packed up in the special purple bags provided by Tradewinds. I’m going to have to take the boys back on occasion even if we don’t go away, just so they can say hi and experience their home away from home. A big THANK YOU to Sandy, her family, and her staff for all you have done to take care of our Beagle Boyz! We are so thankful and blessed to have you all be a part of our boys life! Rusty and Copper say, “thank you…ruff ruff ruff.”

Gayle P.
November 3, 2016

We are a family of extended fur babies, 4 dogs and 2 guinea pigs. Our pets are family members, I love all of them dearly.

In February while on vacation we are leaving our beloved dogs at Tradewind Pet Suites. Our experience last year was excellent, with Sandy taking videos of our dogs and posting them. What a thrill I got to see them so happy, running in their huge compound, jumping and hamming it up for the video. I was worried, but as soon as we got there all my fears went away. Sandy and her staff love animals as I do, the feeling there was so welcoming. The best part is our 2 part pit bull mixes got to stay in a combined run where they would be with each other, they are content being with each other. I was concerned about my little chihuahua and our other baby, but they have enclosed petite pet suites for little ones. This is a home for my babies when I go away, I can relax and know beyond a doubt that they are having a great time too. So this being our 2nd time with boarding I’m totally content, they’re going to have as much fun as we are. The facility is outstanding, clean, orderly, and I can’t wait to see my goofballs in action playing and interacting with the staff at Tradewinds.

I sincerely think they are the best on the island.


Robin O.
October 18, 2016

There is no other place I would call to take care of my doggies while I’m away. I love Tradewinds. I know that when I leave my doggies at Tradewinds I don’t have to worry about them in the slightest and they are WELL taken care off. I also really appreciate the Facebook updates so that we could see our Chloe & Rocky every day!

Thanks, Tradewinds!

August 7, 2016

Very professional staff. Clean and organized kennel. Can tell they love animals. Nice, air-conditioned facility. Big yard for dogs to play in. Feel confident that my two beagles are in good hands when we leave them there.

Lynn P.
August 3, 2016

I’ve been bringing my two “boys,” Linus and Watson—my darling long-haired dachshunds—to Tradewinds for “stay-cations” since 2010. They can sense when we turn off Farrington Hwy. heading towards their destination and they get visibly excited. By the time we pull up to the gate, they are dancing and turning circles on the car seat. Sandy and Alex are like a second family for them, and I’ve never had to worry about their safety and well being. I love when Facebook photos are posted of my two little clowns having fun reading the “pee-mail” on the big open play space. This is their home-away-from-home when I travel. The kennels are spacious and very clean. This is not your average “boarding kennel”, and that’s because of the staff.

July 22, 2016

A special mahalo for caring for our five fur babies this week. We are so tickled that our special needs baby, Cruiser is having a wonderful time. Will definitely make sure they come back in May when we go to the mainland for our grandson’s graduation!

Marci Lisk
July 6, 2016

This place is amazing!!!! 10 **********stars

I cannot begin to say enough nice things about this wonderful place. My fur baby was happy, healthy and very well cared for. Getting to see her pics on Facebook daily really made leaving her for such an extended period much easier. Sandy and her staff are true animal lovers—this is much more than just a job to them. HIGHLY recommend this wonderful place.

Deborah C.
July, 2016

The first time I had to board my dog Pepper, I researched for hours trying to find a place I was comfortable with. When I found Tradewinds I knew it was the right place. Pepper has stayed there twice now and I feel so comfortable leaving her there. From the photos and videos they post I can tell my sweet girl is having a blast, she always looks so happy. When I dropped her off the second time, she was visibly excited and seemed to remember each of the ladies that greeted us at the gate. What an awesome feeling it is and a huge stress off your mind to know that your fur baby is being taken care of, and loves her care-takers! I travel often for work recently and Tradewinds is the only place I’d be okay with being a “vacation home” for her. Spoiled girl probably doesn’t even miss me that much. 😛 In addition to taking great care of their guests, the staff is always friendly and accommodating when talking on the phone, email, etc.

Thank you Tradewinds for taking such amazing care of my fur baby and giving me firm peace of mind while I am gone!

May 18, 2016

We absolutely love Tradewinds!  To be completely honest, I was nervous about booking a “boarding/kennel” place for our pup, Koa. He’s such a sweet dog (not enough a year old), and we’ve heard some horror stories about kennels; but after visiting and talking to Alex & Sandy—they made us feel completely comfortable with this entire process.  We are a military family, where both of us work and travel often, so it’s nice to have a second home for Koa while we’re away. We love that this company is military friendly, offering 10% off!  I highly recommend Tradewinds for your fur-baby!

With aloha,

Daniel, Lunden & Koa
March 15, 2016

First off, my boyfriend and I love to travel.  We have a lot of friends and family on the island and have definitely tried having dog/house sitters (in that priority… we’d be fine locking up the house and having no one home if we didn’t have dogs).  We’ve even tried leaving them with friends.  But none of those options, although at no cost and with people that we’ve known for forever, could make us feel as comfortable as taking them to Tradewinds Pet Suites.  And it’s not just because we’re paying them to watch our fur babies, but you can just sense the love and care that they put into their work to try and make the animals (and owners!!) feel as comfortable as possible during the highest of anxieties.  They are very accommodating to everything, from your schedule to special requests.  But you have to respect the precautions/explanations they take and do because it still is a business.

We’ve been using them for over two years and have entrusted them about four to five times during that period.

I love that Alex makes the animals and us feel comfortable from the time of arrival (we call when we’re close).  She’s always outside to greet us and, when we pick them up, she has everything packed and ready and the dogs look happy and clean (which is an oxymoron because I don’t think they like baths that much!).  The best part is that we can see them on Facebook during their “play times” so it definitely puts us at ease… and prevents us from constantly checking up on them! Tradewinds Pet Suites is a place that our dogs can feel is a home away from home and I know they are being constantly looked after without being given the opportunity to get into any trouble!

Alma & John
March 13, 2016

Alex is an amazing person! We arrived on island in September with our dogs. Prior to arrival it was arranged for the dogs to go to a pet sitter. The pet sitter called at 6pm and stated that she would not be able to watch the dogs. We called around, and everywhere was closed or not able to have space to board two huskies. Even though it was after hours, Alex answered the phone, and was able to stay and meet with us so that we could drop off the dogs. Alex took great care of the dogs and was able to accommodate with our schedule. Kennels are clean, and have indoor and outdoor runs. Dogs are also given breaks where they can play in the yard. Great communication with how the dogs are doing/how they did while boarding.

Shawn, Neon & Mylow
January 28, 2016

Awesome! Left my Staffordshire terrier at Tradewinds during Thanksgiving time. When I picked her up, she was happy, healthy, and clean. I like that she had a very large kennel and plenty yard time. I most definitely will be boarding her there again and already have recommended Tradewinds to some of my friends. Thank you for taking such good care of Pua!

Elizabeth & Pua
January 22, 2016

We left our furbabies with Tradewinds for 11 days, and I am so happy we did! They got to run around together, sleep together in a big “kennel” (I always had crazy bad images of what kennels look like and this was a nice, big outside area where they had plenty of room to play when they weren’t in the yard). I am an extremely over paranoid dog mom when it comes to leaving my dogs with people, and I seriously couldn’t be happier with the care they received at Tradewinds. They treat your dogs as if they are their own. Thank you guys so much!

January 4, 2016

We left our dog here for 2 weeks and we have no complaints! It was our first time leaving her and we were nervous about being gone for so long, but Tradewinds made us feel extremely comfortable with their services. It was great being able to see pictures and videos of our pup while we were away! We will definitely be using them again in the future! Thank you for taking such good care of Olive!

Whitney & Olive
September 15, 2015

Happiness is living on Oahu and true happiness is having Tradewinds to trust with my precious Yorkie. He boarded with them for the month of December and came home happy and healthy. The facility has an outstanding design and layout. It is absolutely pristine and an example of how to operate a boarding facility that is both professional and loving. They have made my life and my dogs very happy.

Adella & Tatters
July 24, 2015

Our dogs Chu Chu and Candy love going to Tradewinds Pets Boarding. Being out in the country is like going to the Spa for them. We appreciate the Ohana atmosphere and kind caring staff. The environment is very clean and safe. We would highly recommend using Tradewinds Pets Boarding facility. We rate them a 5 Star!!

Dave & Mutsumi (& Chu Chu & Candy)
March 13, 2015

Tradewinds Pet Suites, is the best dogsitters on the Leeward side of Oahu. Our dog Pono, loves to go there, and actually looks forward to spending time with Aunty Sandy & Aunty Alex.

Drake & Pono
February 3, 2015

We love Tradewinds for so many reasons! Sandy and staff are kind and knowledgeable, the property is clean and large, and our dogs love being at “camp.” The larger suites for more than one dog allow our fur babies to still hang out with each other when away from the familiarities of home. All this combines to make us feel totally relaxed and comfortable leaving our fur children in good, safe hands. That’s priceless.

Sept. 30, 2014

I want to think Tradewinds for taking great care of Simba. He had a great time and I will definitely using your services again.

Bryson & Simba
Sept. 1, 2014

We just love Tradewinds home away from home for our 6-year old lab Charlie. She enjoys the large kennels and huge grassy yard to run and play catch with Alex and Sandy. The staff treats all their boarders with all the care and love one could hope for in an animal boarding second home. We have tried many other kennels and Tradewinds is by far the most caring and loving, we will be traveling again this holiday season and Charlie just goes crazy when we drive up to the gate to drop her off when she sees Alex or Sandy.

June 4, 2014

Thank you for taking such good care of Schatzi and Liebchin. I was a little worried because they had never been away from home but they were in great hands at Tradewinds.

Roy, Schatzi & Liebchin
May 15, 2014

Sandy and the staff at Tradewinds made it easy for me and my family to vacation without worrying about our “kids”. There facility is super clean and safe and I believe my dogs feel like their on their own vacation!!

28 April 2014

Cannot say enough about this kennel!! Taking our dog Keaton to the kennel is always a traumatic experience for me! It can be difficult to trust people with a part of your family! But when my husband and I arrived at Tradewinds Pet Suites we were pleasantly surprised! We were greeted by a friendly woman named Alex who immediately bonded with Keaton. We could tell she genuinely cared for dogs, which you don’t always see at kennels! Tradewinds has several kennels with an indoor portion and then a huge run that goes outdoors for dogs. It was perfect for our active lab mix, Keaton! I felt completely comfortable leaving our dog in the hands of Tradewinds Pet Suites, with the wonderful facilities and great people I knew Keaton was in good hands! Also, they were true to their word and posted several pictures of Keaton on facebook while we were away, we loved seeing our smiling dog while on vacation! I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone!!

18 February 2013

Our two dogs, Koa and Mika, just spent 4 days at Tradewinds and had a fabulous time! If you need a place to board your dogs, I highly recommend Tradewinds Pet Suites!!

David, Koa & Mika
August 25, 2013

I’m so glad I boarded my dogs with Tradewinds Pets!  My two dachshunds had LOTS of room to run, play, and sniff, which they absolutely loved! The kennels are nice and roomy and the fencing is very secure, which was an important factor to me because one of my dachshunds is an “escape artist”. 🙂  The staff is the best! I’ve known the manager, Alex, for many years and I know she absolutely loves animals so I knew my dogs were going to be well cared for. They also constantly update their Facebook page so I could see pictures and videos of my dogs, which was awesome since I really missed them during my lengthy trip.  Tradewinds is also unique as they were accommodating my male dog who is not neutered.   Most facilities will not take pets who are not neutered.  I highly recommend boarding your pets here and for future trips I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

05 July 2013

We have been very blessed to have had Sandy and her team be there when we’ve needed them. We travel frequently and are always in need of someone to watch our babies. Most places won’t or don’t know how to care for GSDs here in Hawaii. Sandy, Alex and others are definitely BIG DOG people. Our babies, especially Kuma the super Alpha, definitely approve of them. As all dog owners know that the final say comes down to the dogs and with a resounding “YES!” Tradewinds is where our babies go for their vacations.

14 April 2013

Our boxer Marley LOVES going to Aunty Sandy’s for a stay! The staff is always very friendly and accommodating, the facilities are clean and spacious, and the setting is beautiful. Leaving Marley at Tradewinds is like giving her a vacation while we are on one! Thanks, Tradewinds!!

Stephanie B.
13 June 2012

Thanks to Sandy & her awesome staff at Tradewinds. We finally have the confidence to leave on trips and not have to worry about our canine family. We have visited many locations that make claims of all sorts of expertise but have found that none meet our specific criteria. Sandy’s experience with large breeds and her natural ability to connect with often difficult and dangerous potentially “Alphas” makes her our choice. We highly recommend Tradewinds to any & all who want that extra piece of mind when away.

28 May 2012

Tradewinds is awesome! They took care of our little Lori a few times and she loves going back every time:) We can trust that Lori is taken care of and safe when we’re not there!

14 May 2012

I absolutely love this place & all of their wonderful staff! They are friendly & always take great care of my 2 dogs. The facility is clean & spacious & they pay that special attention to your pets if they require it. One of my dogs is a rescue dog & usually very fearful of new people & places. They took the time to know my concerns and deal with them accordingly. I can’t say enough good things about the staff and kennels! I always feel good when leaving there, it truly is like dropping my 2 babies off with family!

Kehaulani C.
1 May 2012

I am so happy to have found Sandy and Tradewinds Pet Suites . Our dachshund, Whily, always has an excellent time there and comes home happy with a lot of energy and spunk. They also have a wonderful website and Facebook page that allows Sandy to share pictures of your happy canine is you so choose. I would recommend Sandy and Tradewinds Pet Suites to anyone who loves there doggies.

1 May 2012

Aloha from Japan and Korea. Mutsumi and I are just checking in on how Chu Chu is doing? See you soon. Mahalo!

Dave Kowalski
19 April 2012

I am so happy to have found Sandy and Tradewinds Pet Suites . Our dachshund, Whily, always has an excellent time there and comes home happy with a lot of energy and spunk. They also have a wonderful website and Facebook page that allows Sandy to share pictures of your happy canine is you so choose. I would recommend Sandy and Tradewinds Pet Suites to anyone who loves there doggies.

3 April 2012

Last summer my husband and I were going to be off island for three weeks and we wanted to find just the right place to board our beloved Australian Shepard, Gladys. We had boarded her in various places on the windward side of the island as we live in Kailua, but neither of us found a place we truly loved boarding her. However, when I looked at Tradewind Pet Suites, I fell in love with the place! Sandy, Alex and the rest of the staff our great with Gladys! Due to their roomy kennels, I never worry that she is going to go stir crazy. She always comes back a happy dog after going to Tradewinds.

29 March 2012

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Alex for all of your great care given to Sophia and Rambo. Sophia is doing wonderfully and I hope that as long as I stay on top of the ear situation and treat her for allergies while we are here that she will not have too many more problems. Rambo is doing great as well. I really appreciate your staff taking the time to take care of Sophia…I love my babies so much and it would have been easy just to leave the cone on her and just not do anything, but you guys were proactive and made sure she was okay. There are no words that can say how thankful I am to you and Alex. I am probably going to stay put for a few months…but will let you know when I need your helping hand again. Thanks again so much!

26 March 2012

Great website. Sheena and Koa came home tired from their last visit at Tradewind Suites. Both are Belgian Malinois and very active dogs, especially Sheena, who will be 3 years old in July and Koa will be 6 years old in July, 2012. Keep up the good work with the dogs!

Mary Peddie
11 March 2012

Great Site, Thx! Keep up the good work.

26 February 2012

I had a great time at “camp” Tradewinds Pet Suites. Your place is so big that it felt good to my Borzoi bones to stretch out and RUN like I was bred to do! We also enjoyed playing with you while I trained you to fetch for me. I’m looking forward to my staff… er… um… people going away again so Isabella and I can come back. Mahalo nui loa for a fun weekend!!

Kolchak 14 August 2011

Kila our German Shepherd stayed at Tradewinds Pet Suites while we were on vacation numerous times throughout the past thee years. The kennels are clean and secure with a separate resting area. It’s outside so there is lots of fresh air and are let out for some exercise. We never worry for we know that Sandy and her team will take great care of Kila. They even spoil her with occasional treats!

Christine K.
24 May 2011

I am so thankful to have found Sandy and tradewinds. It is really hard for me to leave my “babies” when I travel but when I do have to go they will never stay anywhere other than Tradewinds. Todd and Turk absoluly LOVE it there! They have great spacious accomodations and a WONDERFUL area to run and play. Not to mention they absolutly ADORE Sandy and her tradewinds family! Sandy is also so great and understanding about how hard it is for me to be away from them. She kept me updated over the phone and even sent me pictures and a video in which Todd was SMILING! Its like a vacation for my pups while I’m on vacation! It means so much to me to know how well cared for and loved they are when I cant be there. I will without a doubt be recommendnig them to anyone who has to board their best friends during travel! THANK YOU GUYS! we will see you again soon!

Cori, Todd and Turk Mason 11 April 2011

Since we travel often, it was important for us to find a facility for our Shiba Inu Dobi that would offer a suitable environment without adding additional stress. First stop was the vet, who offered indoor boarding in small crammed cages. Mmm… no. So off we went to Tradewinds Pet Suites where we saw blue skies, green grass and Dobi’s favorite… horses! The kennel was HUGE and the price was cheaper than the vet’s. I knew it was a perfect fit when on our second visit Dobi ran up to the front gates eager to see Sandy the owner… she NEVER does that at the vet office! This warmed my heart and it comforts me to know Dobi enjoys being there. Sandy and the whole gang at Tradewinds Pet Suites are AWESOME!

25 January 2011

We absolutely love having our Lori Darlin’ cared for here!! It was wonderful getting messages, pictures and videos of her having fun while we missed her. We are choosing Tradewinds anytime we travel cause we can trust that our family member is taken care of!

Amy Bridges
24 January 2011

Thank you much for taking great care of Lucy and Bailey while we were visiting our family for Christmas. I really appreciate the picture you sent and we will certainly be boarding them at Tradewinds in the future!

29 December 2010

We are SO grateful to have found Tradewinds. It’s the only place we entrust with our dogs when we travel. Daisy and Keiko have become regular guests. The spacious, clean accommodations at Tradewinds are truly their home away from home; they adore the attention from Sandy and the gang; and they love getting out of town, into the country air, with room to run. Daisy and Keiko can’t wait to go back! Tradewinds gets our highest recommendation. Thanks for loving our dogs as much was we do!

Jay Handlin
2 December 2010

Ava LOVES to stay with Sandy and company at Tradewinds Pet Suites! She is always so happy when we pick her up. We feel very comfortable bringing her to Tradewinds because we know she will be well cared-for and loved like she’s one of the family.

Ava’s Mom & Dad
November 2010

Sandy and her assistant were so friendly and great to work with. We immediately felt comfortable about leaving our dog, Hoku, in their care. Hoku was made to feel very comfortable, seemed well-adjusted throughout her stay, and even lost a few pounds through their exercise program! We would most highly recommend Tradewinds Pet Suites as your pet’s “home away from home!

Colan & Sarah Aranio
November 2010

Sandy, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wonderful special care you and your staff give Sophie…she gets so excited when she sees our luggage packed and we head your direction. Sometimes I think she just patiently awaits our next visit to the mainland so she can go “have fun” with Sandy!! I would and do highly recommend your facility to anyone that has a pet…you truly go above and beyond the safety and care of the pets that visit you. It’s nice to be able to leave and have confidence in knowing that Sophie is happy and well cared for. We’ll see you in December! Hugs from Sophie and her family!

Suzanne Carter
29 October 2010

We went to Europe last year and were lucky enough to find Tradewinds Pet Suites on short notice (our previous place canceled 10 days prior). B/C of our previous experience, we were cautious in taking our dogs to a new place. However, our telephone calls and emails were comforting and we felt safe in flying all the way to Europe and leaving our babies in their hands. When we were away, we got many emails with pictures and updates on the dogs. We knew we would use Tradewinds again. Sandy, Kobe and Allie are looking forward to seeing you guys in December! p.s. Thanks for the calendar with the dogs’ pictures, it was a nice surprise.

Tammy & Tom
27 October 2010

Our German Shepard and 2 Toy Poodles stayed wtth you while we took a quick trip to Vegas. Being new to the Island and having to find a kennel for the first time, we can’t believe our great fortune to find the best we’re ever experienced anywhere. We know that our dogs were well cared for and loved during the few days and we can’t thank everyone enough for taking such great care of them. You will continue to be our first and only choice for quality care for our ‘kids’. Thank you so much!

Jeff & Cyndi
21 October 2010

Our Aussie mix stayed while we went to Oregon and was able to extend her stay, as our plans had changed. We could tell she (Bailey) had a blast and enjoyed herself. The staff is very friendly and we would recommend Tradewinds to anyone!!!!

16 October 2010

I just watched the videos of Sadie again. They are so funny. She is such a character!! I should have came on here much sooner than this, but I would like to say thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of Sadie!! This is an awesome boarding facility and you can tell how much you really love the animals by how attentive you are with them. Anyone considering this as a place to board, know that your furchild is in the greatest of hands!!

11 October 2010

Our lab mix puppy Kiko spent his first time away from us at your fine facility when he was still using pee pads. He is a year old now and has turned into a fine dog. We will be traveling to Kauai soon for a family reunion in Oct. and plan to have him stay with you folks again. We feel comfortable that he is well cared for while he is with you. Thanks,

David R.
6 September 2010

From our Facebook Page:

Geneva’s Phoenix: A Rescue Shelter for German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois Dogs in Hawaii

It’s no secret that abandoned, lost and otherwise homeless dogs here in Hawaii have a miserable existence—and then they die. Please take a moment to check out our sister site, Geneva’s Phoenix which is dedicated to rescuing and appropriately re-homing German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois dogs who need help.


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