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We know it’s RUFF! watching your playmates leave!

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Dear Dog: You’ve probably noticed by now that the smaller, younger people in the family have gone back to a place called school. It’s a lot like dog training class only it lasts a lot longer and the little humans don’t get a liver-flavor treat every time they sit, stay or roll over. In fact, for the most part, they are encouraged not to roll over, and most of them are not fond of liver. Weird, right?

For three glorious months, your human siblings were rarely out of sight. From morning to night, there were tummy rubs and ear scratches and games involving squeaky toys and lots of running.
If you’re a more mature dog for whom the allure of squeaky toys has faded, the tummy rubs and ear scratches alone were great.

Then Aug. 7 rolled around. The kids left early that day and you wound up on the boring side of the door or gate.

It’s normal for dogs to be sad and depressed, and even to suffer from separation anxiety at this time of year, according to veterinarians and dog behavior experts, like Cesar Milan. These sites have tips on how your human family can help you relax while you listen for the school bus to come back in the afternoon.

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