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Yes! A discount to help ease the trauma of Leap Day!

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Image of a pug dog dressed in a frog outfit.

If you haven’t looked at your calendar lately, you might want to sit down. Right there – just past Feb. 28 – is a whole extra day that popped up out of nowhere. Same thing happened four years ago, and we’re still recovering.

They say it has to do with the Earth’s rotation or something, but it’s a little like being overstocked. “Ooops. We ordered too many days this year. Maybe no one will notice if we tack one onto the back end of February.”

Well, we noticed. All of a sudden, there’s a whole extra 24 hours to deal with. And they’re on a Monday, of all things. More work. More school. More appointments. The ramifications are mind-boggling.

But here’s good news. To help you cope with this unexpected turn of events, we’ve decided to give you a 20% discount on daily dog boarding rates from Feb. 29 through March 6. That’s a pretty good deal, so we can’t combine it with any of our other discounts. But if you were thinking about getting away for a few days – and now there’s a whole extra day to get away on – stop thinking and start packing. Call 696-4900 now for reservations.

And while you’re on the phone and looking at your calendar, take a glance at November and December. Our holiday bookings fill up early. We don’t want your pup to get left out.

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