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Happy new year–in a quiet, canine-friendly way!

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Image of a dog wearing a "Happy New Year" hat.

’Twas the week after Christmas, and folks were still groggy.
The mice were asleep, and so was the doggy.
Grandma said Grandpa had pain called sciatic,
From putting the boxes back up in the attic.

The children weren’t sleeping, cause school was still out.
They texted and snickered and wandered about.
With mom in her ’kerchief, dad’s cap on his head,
They snored on the couch before going to bed.

When outside their window bright flashes occurred!
Like thunderbolts crashing, loud bangs could be heard!
Dad lost his cap, and Grandma yelled, “Help!”
From under the table, they heard the dog yelp.

From out in the street came a, “Happy new year!”
As booming explosions popped ever so near.
Holiday revelers all through the night,
Turned darkness to daylight and calmness to fright.

The partiers’ arsenal finally depleted.
It seemed like forever before they retreated.
Grandma edged close to the window to peek.
But Grandpa and Doggy weren’t found for a week.

The story is light but the message is clear.
In dogs (and in Grandpa) loud noises spark fear.
Whether boarding at Tradewinds or housing your pet,
Consider sedation, and talk to your vet.

Copyright © by Kevin McClanahan.

Health, safety and peace-of-canine-mind are at the top of our priority list. If your dog will be staying with us, please provide a sedative that we can administer if your pet appears stressed from holiday celebrations.

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