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Blessed by Service Dog Angels

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I will admit that my knowledge of Service Dogs or Assistance Dogs is very limited. I’d heard, of course, about Seeing Eye Dogs, but it was not until I met Judy Suan and her dog Jazzy, that I learned the full scope of assistance that these specially trained — and specially gifted — creatures can provide. The following article is written by Judy about her dog, UB.

Diary of a Service Dog – by Judy Suan

This is a special story of one of those special bred dogs, an Australian Labradoodle named UB. UB was born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii at Paradise Labrodoodles and chosen to be donated to Hawaii Fido Service Dogs to be trained as an assistance dog.

He was flown to Oahu, Hawaii  where he started his training at hospitals, schools and in foster families. At 1 ½ years of age he was placed in my care  as a pup in training to foster under my Labrador Jazzy to see if he had potential as a Medical Alert Dog. He would follow Jazzy’s lead and was rewarded for alerting, and it wasn’t long before he would respond to my every need and was also trained to be a brace dog as I sometimes need assistance standing.

UB’s life as a Service Dog was beginning and he underwent six months of advanced skill training before being certified as a  Medical Alert/Brace Service Dog with Hawaii Fido Service/Therapy Dogs. Hawaii Fi-Do Service Dogs is a Local grass roots Non rofit 501(c) run by Volunteers.

UB is highly skilled to alert me if my blood pressure raises to prevent panic attacks, as well as to provide a brace when needing assistance to stand.

Growing up, I learned that animals/nature would help to keep me centered and calm. Animals were always there when I needed a friend to talk to or cuddle. I also learned about building the human animal bond.

I did not realize that my special energy had a name given to it (Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity (ADHD)/Anxiety Disorder until I was an Adult teaching Special Education in Elementary School. 

We have now successfully worked together for 3-1/2 years and I am now a volunteer coordinator with the Hawaii Fido Serivce Dogs that trained UB as well as a Professional Story teller/Teacher Workshop Presentator/Advocate for those with disabilities to learn they can drop the (DIS) and use their ability to do anything they want to help others

UB has opened many doors and brought wonderful animal lovers into my life.

Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. 

Bless you! Mahalo for reading our story,

Judy Suan and UB
Medical Alert/Brace Service Dog TEAM

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