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Akamai Dog Tricks: Addy knows how to close her own door

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Summers are plenty warm in Hawaii, but in Florida, where Addy lives, summers are brutal – and springs, falls and even winters can be uncomfortably toasty.

But Addy likes to spend a good portion of each day lounging on a chair in the screened-in back porch while her human dad, Kevin – a member of the Tradewinds dog-boarding communications team – slaps words together, usually at a laptop on the dining room table.

Eventually, the heat, curiosity or need for a little human interaction motivates Addy to nudge the door open and come inside. The first million times this happened, Kevin got up from his chair, walked over to the door and pushed it closed; power bills were too high already.

Then on the million and first iteration, an idea popped into the human dad’s head, and he and Addy agreed to work together on a solution. The video shows the progress they’ve made with the help of training treats, lots of praise and daily repetition.

Addy, likely a mix of Jack Russell terrier and some sort of spitz, is a pretty smart girl who likes to take long walks, stay busy and learn new things. Kevin and his wife adopted her from a rescue organization a little more than a year and a half ago when Addy was 11 months old. They changed her name from Janet to Addy, a play on the acronym for attention deficit disorder, because she’s aware of and interested in everything going on around her every second of the day. Her high energy and quirky personality quickly earned her many neighborhood friends of both the human and canine persuasions.

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