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Slurping ice cream: The perfect way to celebrate weight loss – unless you’re a dog

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Picture of a German Shepherd dog eating ice cream.

It was time for Gabi and Marley’s annual check-up; time for Marley to step on the scale and look the other way. I could relate.

But good news! The vet was impressed that he’d dropped the 10 pounds he needed to lose. “Good job, Mom!” the vet told me.

I accepted the praise, but since it was Marley who had been on the diet, I thought he deserved a reward. “Let’s go to McDonald’s and celebrate with an ice cream cone,” I said.

I know. I know. Celebrating weight loss with a high-sugar, high-calorie treat doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I could justify it if both dogs shared one dessert, right? How many calories could that be?

But calories are the least of the problem with pups and ice cream. Milk-based products are high on the list of “doggie-dietary-don’ts” because, as WebMD points out, they can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems and even trigger food allergies and itching.

You can buy frozen ice-cream-like snacks for dogs, like Purina Frosty Paws, which should be available at Hickam AFB and Target in Kapolei. Or make your own from recipes found on the web, at sites like LifeWithMutts, the Dogington Post, and Pinterest. We haven’t tried these and can’t vouch for them, but they look pretty good. My dogs are often happy to cool down with an ice cube or two. But not me. I’m sticking with ice cream!


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