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Oh no! Hawaiian faves not so ono for dogs

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German shepherd dog stands at the kitchen sink looking at the camera.

If your dogs are like ours, they know the best spots in the kitchen to lie in wait for a morsel of people food to pop off the cutting board and onto the floor. Gulp!

But if it’s Aloha Friday and you’re prepping the puupuus for your Pau Hana party, keep an eye on your canine counter surfers. Pickled onions, garlic shrimp, guac dip, wine and macadamia nuts are some of our favorite foods in Hawaii, but they’re not on Fido’s menu. They are on WebMD’s top 26 “forbidden foods” for dogs.

Onions and garlic in any form – powdered, raw, cooked or dehydrated – can kill dogs’ red blood cells and cause anemia, with symptoms including weakness, vomiting and trouble breathing.

Avocadoes, the main ingredient in guacamole, contain a toxin that’s hazardous to dogs, and it’s found not only in the fruit, but also in the tree’s leaves, seed and bark (no pun intended). And the pit or seed can be a choking hazard.

Alcohol has the same effects on a dog’s liver and brain that is has on ours, but dogs are much smaller, so it takes a lower dose to harm or even kill a pet – and smaller dogs are at greater risk.

Macadamia nuts and foods that contain them are particularly toxic to dogs. According to WebMD, just six raw or roasted mac nuts can make your dog sick – causing shaky muscles, vomiting, fever and weakened hind legs. And if the snack contains nuts and chocolate (another “doggie don’t”) symptoms may be worse and the results could be fatal.

Ice cream and other products made from milk can cause digestive problems and trigger allergies in your dog.

For the full WebMD article and their list of 26 forbidden foods, please click here.

Whatever’s on the menu, we wish you and the canines in your family a relaxing and healthy Aloha Friday.


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