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New Tool May Help Reduce the Anguish in Making a Final Decision

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We have a relative who is facing that terrible decision we all know too well. The Jack Russell Terrier that has been their baby for about 15 years is failing. Some days are better, which is to say some days are not. They don’t want their dog to suffer, but they don’t want to give her up before they have to.

We visited this predicament in a Tradewinds Pet Suites blog last year, and talked about the way Dr. Carolyn Naun and Arms of Aloha helps moms and dads of canine family members determine what’s best for everyone, and then eases the final parting when the time is right. Dr. Naun is a certified hospice and palliative care veterinarian.

A recent New York Times story describes the anguish one of the editors faced when her dog, Fluffy, became too frail to go on. She says an oncology veterinarian in California, Dr. Alice Villalobos, has developed a decision tool based on a seven-factor questionnaire that helped her know she was making the right choice at the right time.

“It wasn’t an easy decision or a pleasant one,” she concludes. “But it was the right decision. And in the end, Fluffy did drift away on her favorite soft pillow, just as I’d hoped.”

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