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New dog sitter DVD can entertain your BFF with “outdoor adventures” when she’s home-alone

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If your canine BFF doesn’t cope well with being “home alone,” and you can’t afford doggy day care or a professional dog walker, you still have options. Try leaving her with “puzzle toys” filled with treats that she can work on while you’re away. Another idea — if you have time in the morning before work — is to spend some time with her doing physical activity that will tire her out before you go. But my favorite is a suggestion from The Dog Crazy Newsletter — turn on the tv and let her watch a made-for-dogs video.

Believe it or not, there really is such a thing. According to the newsletter, the DVD is amazing and dogs love it — watching it for hours on end because it can bring the outside world in – and the stereo soundtrack even has some sounds that only your dog can hear. It features a variety of “animals (birds, cats, squirrels, raccoons and more) outdoors in their natural environment.  

And get this! You can even customize the DVD suit your canine’s viewing preferences. Once you find out which tracks are her favorites, you can even personalize her viewing adventure using the continuous loop scene selection feature.

According to the newsletter, the Dog Crazy Newsletter staff tried it on their own dogs and “they were GLUED to the TV set!”

I haven’t seen it yet, but here’s the link if you’d like to check it out. I’m thinking I will! Dog Sitter DVD

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