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Naughty or Nice? Christmas presents for under $10 for your canine BFF?

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Whether your canine BFF has been naughty or nice this year, chances are she’s on your Christmas shopping list. The Dog Crazy Newsletter has some terrific doggie gift ideas  — all priced at less than $10 each. Paw print ornaments, Christmas Monkeys, and mugs that read “you had me at woof,” are just a few of the items that made the “Christmas faves” list. Check them out below or by visiting their site at

1. Naughty, Nice or Dear Santa – Define Good. These all natural dog bones are made right here in the USA (in Indiana) with 100% pure human-grade ingredients. They are fun to give and dogs really like them. $5.99 

2. Paw Print Ornament – I have to say, I love this product. Every pet in our lives really has a special place in our heart and this is a great way to celebrate them. A paw print ornament is something easy to make and you can keep forever. I regret not having one on some of my favorite pets. A neat thing about decorating a tree is that each ornament has a memory. This is a great gift. I also love this as a memorial gift. I have given it to some friends with senior pets and they have loved it. $9.99 

3. Humorous Beer and Wine Bottles Dog Toys – These funny toys are a great way to spice up the holidays . Instead of Corona – it is Cataroma, instead of Heiniken – it is Heini Sniffin’! And you know the wine Kendell-Jackson? This version is Kennel Relaxin’. Check these out. Very cute and funny! $9.99

4. Christmas Monkey – This adorable holiday monkey is soft and cute for those little cuddlers. Adorable and affordable. $9.99

5. Bandanas – “Does this bandana make my butt look big?”, “Shut your barkhole” and “I had them at woof” are adorable bandanas that make fun stocking stuffers. There are 14 funny and sweet sayings. I find these adorable. $5.99 

6. Mug “You had me at Woof” – This nice quality ceramic mug is exclusively found here. We loved the saying and design. Comes with a ceramic spoon to make mixing your favorite beverage a snap. Comes in a gift box.  $9.99 

7. Nutrivet Paw Wax – Fight the winter rough ice and snow with this salve that safeguards a dog’s paw pads . Helps heel cracked pads and abrasions. It is perfect for dogs of all ages. $7.99 

8. Jingle Bell Party Collar – Most dogs are annoyed by being dressed for the holidays. This cute holiday collar is a great alternative. It is festive and fits comfortably around the neck. Great for holiday photos. Your pet will be dressed to the nines with the Jingle Bells Party Collar! $6.99

9. Wagatha’s Breakfast Biscuits – These yummy all-natural dog treats are made with maple, bananas, apples and oatmeal.  Made in a human-grade bakery right here in the USA. They’re healthy and dogs just love them. $8.95

10. Paw Print Magnets – These are fun. Lots of different sayings depending on your (and your pet’s) sense of humor. “My Dog Is Smarter Than the President”, “Some Days I Just Wanna Pee on Everything”, “My Children Have Four Paws”, “A Dog Is the Only Relative You Choose”, “Who Rescued Who” and more. Magnets measure 5″ and are perfect for car, fridge or lockers. Enjoy these – check out all the favorites. $6.99

11. The GOOFY Humunga Tongue – This toy makes it look like a HUGE tongue is protruding from your dog’s mouth. See the Mini and junior sizes $6.99 and $7.99. Larger sizes also available ($11.99). 

12. Bow Wow Popcorn – This yummy microwavable, human grade, all natural popcorn comes in 3 flavors dogs just love – Chicken, Beef and Bacon. $1.49 

13. Bungee Weiner Dog – This soft, plush, adorable tug toy is a real favorite. $8.99 

14. Dog Sitter DVD – A great way to entertain your dog while you are away. This video is made especially for dogs with some sounds only dogs can hear! $9.95.

15. Doggie Tricks and Treats – This great cookie cutter kit with recipes is a fun way to learn how to make your dog some delicious all natural treats . A gift from the heart that can be used all year long. Also includes a guide to teach your dog some tricks. $9.95  

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