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Dog Boarding in Hawaii Offers Special Benefits

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How many times have you heard it said, “Lucky you live Hawaii?” That’s also true when it comes to making plans for your pet’s “stay-cation” while you travel. Just like living here, dog boarding in Hawaii offers some special benefits. For example, your pet can enjoy outdoor activities pretty much year-round.

Besides that, because of our year-round pleasant weather, some boarding kennels on Oahu (such as Tradewinds) offer indoor/outdoor kennels with attached runs. This means that your pet can enjoy time indoors or outdoors as she chooses. And if you choose a fresh-air boarding kennel, you may find that your dog is less likely to experience respiratory problems like kennel cough. This is because of the improved air circulation that comes from a “fresh air” set-up.

In choosing a Hawaii dog boarding facility, here are some questions to ask and some things to look for as you consider your options:

  1. Does the facility offer kennel tours/previews?
  2. How does the kennel appear when you drive up? Is it clean and tidy?
  3. How does it smell? Fresh? Clean? Or Not?? Your pet will enjoy clean, odor-free accommodations as much as you do.
  4. Is the staff friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable?
  5. Does the kennel require proof of vaccinations? If not, keep looking. The last thing you need is to have your canine BFF catch something from another dog.
  6. If food is included in your daily rate, what brand is fed and how much is given? How often are guests fed?
  7. When guests go outside, are they able to play freely or are they walked on a leash?
  8. Will your pet be playing in a group with other guests, or will she have her own private playtime in the yard?

Watch next week’s blog post for more tips on choosing a boarding kennel and how to prepare your pet for her Hawaiian stay-cation.

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