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Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Dogs

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If you haven’t already put up your Christmas tree, chances are that you’ll be doing so soon. Many of us don’t realize it, but Christmas trees can actually pose a variety of hazards for our pets. Here are some tips from the Dog Crazy Newsletter.

If you have dogs you may realize how interested and curious they can be. Even though the tree is beautiful – it is full of possible dangers.

If you are thinking about putting up your tree, or if you just put it up, take a minute to look over our pet safety tips for your holiday tree. Thousands of pet injuries related to Christmas trees are treated every year. We’ve seen everything from dogs eating the pine needles and chewing on cords to trees actually falling over on them. It is really amazing to consider all the different problems that a holiday tree can cause. And it’s even more amazing how our adorable pets just seem to seek out that trouble!

I have an important article for you to read – Simple Tips to a Holiday Safe Tree. Even if your tree is already up, see if it is as safe as it can be.

Last year I saw an 8-year-old dog that had never bothered the tree before, but he chewed on a glass ball on one of the branches and cut his mouth badly. He never bothered the tree in 8 years, and then boom – he decided to do something silly. If it happened to this dog, it could happen to your dog. So please make sure your tree is safe. The last thing you need during the holidays is an emergency trip to your vet.

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