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12 Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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If you’re in the Christmas spirit and thinking of gifts for your canine BFF, how about the gift of health? Here are some great ideas from The Dog Crazy Newsletter at . .

1.  Kissable Toothbrush & Toothpaste – This set keeps teeth, mouth & gums clean, healthy and smelling fresh. No rinsing required – safe to swallow. Brushing with the Kissable Toothbrush and Toothpaste at least 3 days a week could add up to 5 years to your dog’s life! Toothpaste is all natural, vanilla flavored. Unique 3-sided toothbrush cleans all 3 sides of the tooth at once.

2.  Nootie Shampoo & Daily Spritz – This is the best darn dog shampoo and spritzer we tested.  Smells great – five great fragrances that mimic the wonderful scents produced by Bath and Body Works. Moisturizes skin and coat. Daily spritz keeps that wonderful scent between washings. Nootie Shampoo & Daily Spritz smells so good, you’d use it yourself!

3.  FURminator deShedding Tool – The FURminator DeShedding Tool reaches down to your dog’s undercoat to remove more loose hair, fur and dander than other grooming products. Reduces shedding by as much as 90 percent! Leaves coat shiny and well groomed.

4.  Safety Decals – The “Rescue Rover” static cling Pet Alert Fire Rescue Safety Decal tells firemen and emergency rescue personnel how many pets inside your home are in need of rescue, in case of fire, flood or other natural disaster. Simply list the number of dogs, cats, birds and other pets on the Pet Alert decal and display it on glass doors or windows. It is an absolute “must” for all homes with pets. Inexpensive and necessary, it is a great safety gift and stocking stuffer.

5.  Contech WaterDog Outdoor Fountain – We love this product. It is a motion activated outdoor fountain that will make sure your dog always has clean fresh water whenever he needs it. WaterDog easily attaches to your outdoor spicket.

6.  Gentle Paws Nail Grinder – Trimming your dog’s nails with clippers can be really stressful – for your dog, and for you. With nail clippers, “accidents” happen. You never know when you might cut a little too far, causing your dog’s nail to bleed. This can be very painful for your dog, and stressful for you. No wonder dogs are so afraid of those clippers! And no wonder so many dog owners don’t want to trim their dog’s nails! Gentle Paws nail grinder makes the job quick and easy.

7.  Pioneer Pet Stainless Raindrop Fountain – We love this rain-drop shaped fountain that filters your pet’s water and encourages your dog to drink more water. Bacteria-resistant stainless steel is durable & healthier for pets. This award-winning fountain is easy to clean and maintain. The Raindrop Fountain has an attractive, compact design that complements any décor.

8.  Nutri-Vet Paw Guard Wax – Winter ice, snow and chemicals can be tough on your dog’s paws. Protect them with this soothing salve that safeguards your dog’s paw pads. Nutri-Vet Paw Guard Wax helps heel cracked pads and abrasions and is perfect  for dogs of all ages.

9.  Wagatha’s  Biscuits – Breakfast Biscuits, Senior Biscuits, Cranberry Cheddar Biscuits and Bedtime Biscuits – These yummy all-natural dog treats are made with in a human grade bakery right here in the USA. They’re healthy and dogs just love them. Wagatha’s Biscuits come in 4 yummy varieties. Try them all and find your dog’s favorite.

10.   Vitamins – Processed pet foods simply don’t offer all the nutrition your dog needs. Or your dog may be eating a premium food and STILL not getting all the vitamins and minerals his body needs because of the way his body processes the food. You can never really be sure. And as your dog deals with things like aging, environmental factors and stress, his body needs even more nutritional support. That’s where Pet-Tabs® can help.

11.  Dog Bathers – PetJet and RapidBath .  We really like both of these products. These are items that make dog bathing a snap (do it your self and easily!). Both will attach to either your indoor faucet or shower or outdoor spicket. The Rapid bath uses Rapid Bath Shampoo Cartridges and allows you to bathe your dog in under 5 minutes. Literally. Pet jet uses any shampoo of your choice and also allows for a fast bath.

12.  Too Hot for Spot – We hope this product helps saves some dogs’ lives. Everyone has heard those sad stories about people who left their pets alone inside the car “for a few minutes” – only to return and find tragedy. The sad truth is, heat or cold can quickly claim the life of your precious pet in a matter of minutes. Too Hot for Spot is a convenient static cling window decal thermometer that gives you real-time information about the temperature inside your vehicle.

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