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Image of Addy, a white dog laying on the ground.

Addy’s Ears

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Even dogs with ears like mine have to worry about infections If you’ve read our blog before, you might remember me. My name is Addy. That’s a picture of me on my human dad’s coffee cup. (His favorite coffee cup.) My people used to have springer spaniels. Those are dogs that have long, hanging-down ears, […]

Image of two adorable puppies curled up together with heart pillows

What Cupid Doesn’t Know About Your Dog’s Beating Heart

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Cupid knows love. He was, after all, the ancient Roman god of love, and today he flits around with that little bow and arrow, urging people to buy boxes of chocolate, utter sweet verses and create exotic, experimental dinners from scratch. Oh boy. Now, we’re strong advocates of love, and we always […]

In Case We Needed Visual Evidence: Lifesaving Dogs, Part 2

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, your dog-boarding friends at Tradewinds have a heart-warming and motivating video for you. In a recent blog, we shared a story about research – how owning a dog can reduce the risk of death. We called it “A Dog Could Be Just What the Doctor Ordered.” Good […]