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Beagle with leash in its mouth waits to go for a walk.

A Dog Could Be Just What the Heart Doctor Ordered

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You’ve kicked off your shoes, piled into a comfy chair and you’re thinking about closing your eyes for a minute or two. But just as your eyelids start to sag, who shows up? Whose sad eyes are staring at you? Who wants to go for a walk? Now?!! Yip. As you gather the energy to […]

Image of a person feeding a dachshund peanut butter by hand.

Doggie Danger: Not All Peanut Butter is Created Equal

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Most dogs love peanut butter, and it’s a main ingredient in many doggie treats. At Tradewinds, many pet-boarding parents bring a jar along so we can use a dab to disguise a nasty tasting pill. But several years ago, a few manufacturers started putting xylitol in peanut butter products. This artificial sweetener can be toxic […]

Pictures of two cute dogs in polaroid picture frames

Pawsome! 6 Tips We Think Make Great Pics

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First the disclaimer: We’re not professional photogs. Not even close. But in nine years of dog boarding on Oahu, we’ve taken thousands of pics. And the most fun ones aren’t the posed shots, but rather the candid, unexpected (sometimes blurry) ones that manage to capture a dog’s quirky personality or amazing talent and make us […]