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Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam

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We were thinking about dogs, exercise and our spacious play yard here at Tradewinds Pet Suites when an old song came to mind: “Home on the Range” – where buffalo roam and deer and antelope play.  Actually, wrangling buffaloes is well above our comfort level, based in part on this video of paniolos on Kauai, […]

Beagle with leash in its mouth waits to go for a walk.

A Dog Could Be Just What the Heart Doctor Ordered

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You’ve kicked off your shoes, piled into a comfy chair and you’re thinking about closing your eyes for a minute or two. But just as your eyelids start to sag, who shows up? Whose sad eyes are staring at you? Who wants to go for a walk? Now?!! Yip. As you gather the energy to […]

Image of a person feeding a dachshund peanut butter by hand.

Doggie Danger: Not All Peanut Butter is Created Equal

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Most dogs love peanut butter, and it’s a main ingredient in many doggie treats. At Tradewinds, many pet-boarding parents bring a jar along so we can use a dab to disguise a nasty tasting pill. But several years ago, a few manufacturers started putting xylitol in peanut butter products. This artificial sweetener can be toxic […]