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Dropping Off & Picking Up Your Pet Just Got a Bit More Efficient!

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Image of dog at door standing on welcome mat.

Industrial-Strength Old-School Technology Makes Dropping Off and Picking Up a Bit More Efficient

In our defense, we couldn’t hear you.

You may have honked your horn. Or yelled. Or honked AND yelled.

But sometimes we didn’t know you were parked at the security gate, waiting to drop off or pick up your pup.

We can’t see the street from the kennel, and it’s hard to hear from certain locations, especially when certain (barky) dogs are guests. Wireless doorbells apparently didn’t have the range to reach our office, or at least our eardrums.

But finally, we found something that works: a big, buzzy, industrial-type bell that can be heard all over our property and possibly a good portion of Oahu.

So next time you’re bringing your best friend to her best dog-boarding friends, you can honk or yell for old times’ sake. But give us a ring and we’ll let you in.

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