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Addy’s Ears

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Image of Addy, a white dog laying on the ground.

Even dogs with ears like mine have to worry about infections

If you’ve read our blog before, you might remember me. My name is Addy. That’s a picture of me on my human dad’s coffee cup. (His favorite coffee cup.)

My people used to have springer spaniels. Those are dogs that have long, hanging-down ears, which are prone to collecting water and dirt and nobody knows what else. Because of the risk of infection, human dad used to use ear-cleaning solution and cotton balls regularly with the springers. But when he noticed what big, perky, open ears I have, he thought, great! With all that air circulating around in there, no need for cleaning.

Then we went to the vet.

He said it’s true that my ears aren’t as vulnerable as floppy, closed ones, but he recommends that all dogs get their ears treated with a cleaning and drying solution, especially after a swim or bath, when water can get trapped down inside. So we bought a new bottle of cleaner, and a quick treatment has become part of our bath-time routine.

Lots of websites have recipes for homemade and natural ear-cleaning solutions, like these from and The main things to remember are to be gentle, avoid the use of cotton swabs, don’t go too deep into the ear, and if there’s a discharge or nasty odor, better let the vet take a look.

Have a good week.

From Addy and your dog-boarding friends at Tradewinds

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