Driving Directions:

  1. Coming from Honolulu, take the H-1 West to Wai’anae.
  2. In Wai’anae Town, turn right at the Post Office (Lualualei Homestead Road).
  3. Follow Lualualei Homestead Road to the end (the name of the road will change to Halona Road, but you probably won’t notice this).
  4. At the end of the road, you must turn either left or right. Turn left onto Puhawai Road.
  5. Go to the first intersection and turn right onto Puuhulu Road.
  6. The fourth house on the left (a large two-story off-white home with black wrought iron security fence) is ours.

Most cell phones do not work up here in the valley, so please call us when you turn at the post office to let us know you are on the way. We will open the security gate so you can park inside in the carport.

Please do NOT take your dog out of your vehicle until you are in the carport and the gate is securely closed behind you. This is for the safety of everyone concerned—especially your dog. If there is no response when you arrive, it is likely because we are in the kennel, so please ring the bell on the gate to let us know you are here. Mahalo nui…See you soon!!

NOTE: Please be aware that online maps and directions are inaccurate in our area. Several people have used their GPS, Mapquest, Google or other online sources and have been misdirected. However, the directions above have had good results.

Kennel visitors are welcome.

  • Tradewinds Pet Suites
    86-626 Puuhulu Road
    Waianae, HI, 96792
    696-4900 (Office)
    697-1249 (Fax)
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