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Canine Angels in Disguise

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There is a depth to the human/canine relationship that I think has barely been tapped. I know in my own life there have been dogs who have touched me so profoundly that its really impossible to find the words to explain it. Geneva was such a dog; so was Geneva’s Phoenix. Sometime when I am […]

Shell & Tyson – Our Resident Rotties

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Shell with her ill-gotten gain! We’ve learned the hard way to keep EVERYTHING out of Shell’s reach. Here she’s stolen one of the grooming brushes, but that’s a minor theft compared to her previous successes. Let’s see, she and Tyson have stolen/destroyed: the insulation on the air conditioning pipes; a broom; Alex’s new “femineering” cap; […]

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So here’s an unlikely pair if ever there was one. We first met Todd (the Chihuahua mix in the background) when his mom traveled to the mainland last summer. Then Turk joined their family, and he came this week for a visit, too. Incidentally, Turk is the son of our male German Shepherd, Achilles, and […]