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Premium Dog Boarding on Oahu

We offer a full range of dog boarding services. Our canine guests enjoy three different types of oversized kennel accommodations—no crates or cages—and a huge play yard! Each walk-in kennel opens directly onto its own, private 25-foot outdoor run, so your dog can relax inside or safely venture outdoors as he wishes.

Located on nearly two acres, everything about Tradewinds is generously sized for the comfort of our guests. We offer an array of amenities and a la carte services for our guests. These include:

  • • Pet Bathing
  • • Medications Administration (oral and topical)
  • • Daily Playtime in our Huge Yard! (No extra fee for play time!)
  • • Military Discounts*

For the safety of all our guests, do not socialize them with other guests. Each has her own private playtime in the yard with our caregivers.

*Some restrictions apply. Call for details.

Download our Oah'u Dog Boarding Contract Here.
Alex and Nikko get to know one another. [Image of girl holding small white dog.]

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  • We know it’s RUFF! watching your playmates leave!

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    Dear Dog: You’ve probably noticed by now that the smaller, younger people in the family have gone back to a place called school. It’s a lot like dog training class only it lasts a lot longer and the little humans don’t get a liver-flavor treat every time they sit, stay or roll over. In fact, […]

  • A Few Facts About a Canine Killer: Heartworms

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    April is National Heartworm Awareness Month—and in warm climates like Hawaii’s, awareness is especially important. The American Heartworm Society estimates that 26 to 50 cases were reported per clinic in Hawaii in 2016. We don’t want any dog or family to have to go through this ordeal, so here’s a quick refresher on the disease […]

  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Vet About Meds

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    When your pup is sick, you may be beside yourself with worry. If your vet is prescribing medicine for treatment, be sure to get all the information you can upfront about the meds. The FDA recommends you ask these 10 questions to help Fluffy get the best treatment possible: Why has my pet been prescribed this […]

  • Grieving Our Pets

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    It isn’t easy to think about our pets dying, let alone live through it. This Huffpo article by Mark Liebenow explains why.

  • Yes! A discount to help ease the trauma of Leap Day!

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    If you haven’t looked at your calendar lately, you might want to sit down. Right there – just past Feb. 28 – is a whole extra day that popped up out of nowhere. Same thing happened four years ago, and we’re still recovering. They say it has to do with the Earth’s rotation or something, […]

  • Happy new year–in a quiet, canine-friendly way!

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    ’Twas the week after Christmas, and folks were still groggy. The mice were asleep, and so was the doggy. Grandma said Grandpa had pain called sciatic, From putting the boxes back up in the attic. The children weren’t sleeping, cause school was still out. They texted and snickered and wandered about. With mom in her […]

  • How do you spell “co-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”?

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    When naptime rolls around, what could be more appealing than one of our Petite Suites for little guys and gals weighing 25 pounds or less?

  • What?! Only one month?

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month. It’s also Love a Dog Month, according to the Hawaii Humane Society. This is a good start, but we think we should stretch these observations out about 11 more months and then start over.

  • It’s ‘National Hurricane Preparedness’ week. Have you made plans for your pets?

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    Spring showers bring May flowers—and storms that can get downright scary through the summer months. Here’s some great resources from and FEMA that will help you make plans to protect your four-legged family members! The Basics: Make a plan for your pets. Never leave your pet behind. Take 3 days supply of food, water and […]

  • Now Offering: Free Pet Pick-up & Delivery!

    Tradewinds Pet Suites 'Dog Boarding in Hawaii' blog.

    Scratch Item #37 from your to-do list. We’ll pick up your pup and bring her back—FREE! There are a few (very reasonable) requirements. If your dog weighs less than 50 pounds and you’ll be booking her for at least a 7-night stay, we’re off to a perfect start. You’ll need to provide an approved travel […]



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